Regulation in the
telecommunications sector

We advise electronic communications operators – with or without a significant market share-, marketers and distributors, as well as the various public authorities in their relations with electronic communications operators.

Leading legal advice focused on the rules for the electronic communications sector

We offer our clients an advice focused on both the regulations covering electronic communications and the various benchmark offers, and also in obtaining the services that they govern.

We give comprehensive advice in the preparation of writs during the processing of all the public proceedings before the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), including conflicts between electronic communications operators.

Among other matters, our advice in this area includes:

  • Processing registration in the Register of Operators of electronic communications.
  • Applications for landline and mobile numbers.
  • Supervision of landline and mobile portability in order to adapt to the technical specifications approved by the CNMC.
  • Advice in matters of benchmark wholesale offers and the obtaining of regulated services.
  • Access to networks and associated resources and interconnection.
  • Advice and processing of proceedings in conflicts with electronic communications operators.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals against decisions issued by the CNMC.
  • Advice on competition in matters of telecommunications.
  • Advice in matters of wholesale agreements.