Town planning

We advise our clients in a discipline of public Law – i.e., town planning Law – which is notable for its technical complexity.

We gather legal advice, strategic vision and economic reality

Our Law firm has consolidated a great experience in the different town planning actions and procedures, planning management, building and the use of the land, as well as compulsory purchase procedures.

The advice and acting of our firm in town planning matters is very broad, all this in accordance with the large number of actions provided for in the applicable regulations, including the following actions:

  • Advice, preparation, revision and drafting of town planning instruments on both public and private initiatives. Follow-up until processed.
  • Preparation of writs of allegations and appeals in the administrative route against planning decisions.
  • Filing of claims regarding asset liabilities arising from planning.
  • Advice in drafting and negotiating town planning agreements.
  • Qualified legal guidance in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction against the approval of general planning and development instruments.
  • Reports on the land-use planning of the territory and town planning usage.
  • Town planning audits.
  • Liabilities for damage to assets arising from town planning.
  • Drafting of subdivision projects.
  • Advice in the execution of town planning in the in the different urban development systems.
  • Advice and management of Collaborating Town-Planning Entities (Compensation Board, Urban Conservation Entities, Public Association for Cooperation).
  • Advice during negotiations with the authorities during town planning proceedings.
  • Documentation preparation and applications for authorizations and licenses.
  • Qualified legal guidance in the authorizations and licenses challenge processes.
  • Attendance and guidance in processes of restoration of town planning legality, planning discipline and sanctioning proceedings arising from town planning actions.

Within public law we also offer solutions in:

We offer comprehensive advice in all phases of the different procedures legally provided, before the different bodies and for any incidents that may occur.

Among others, the following interventions stand out:

  • Advice in determining the valuation of the assets and rights affected in compulsory purchase proceedings.
  • Advice, follow-up and guidance in the various compulsory purchase procedures.
  • Intervention and qualified legal guidance in fixing the just price in the various proceedings before the Compulsory Purchase Boards.
  • Negotiation and drafting of compulsory purchase orders.
  • Applications for the compulsory purchase of assets.
  • Qualified legal guidance before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction in appeals against the agreements fixing the just price.
  • Legal advice in matters of the law on re-housing.